Multi disk with simple menu. How?

As above really. If someone else has already asked this then could you point me in the direction plz :slight_smile:


Multi disk :confused: I’m thinking of “more than one” disks. Or is it a double-sided DVD-10 disk? Are you referring to a multi-episode disk? And simple menu…do you want to “create” a menu from scratch or use the existing menu that came with your movie. If you want a new simple menu, you would have to use a authoring program.

Your thread title may seem simple but there’s alot of grey areas.

Soz, wos a bit pissed when I wrote it. Now a bit :Z !!!

I want to put 2 different full length movies on one disk with a simple menu a la movie factory or spruce up style.

Basically I want to combine to dvd2one output folders and add a menu.


@ honest_geezer,

I am really unaware of exactly what you are attempting to do. The below link provides a fairly extensive list of “Guides” that probably covers what you attempting. Hope this information proves useful.


I can give you a general idea of how to do it if you are familiar with the tools, but am not really awake enough to give you a step-by-step guide.

Use Smart Ripper or DVD Decrypter to rip the movies in File or Backup mode.

Use DVD2One v1.0.2 to process each movie separately. Use a custom size of 2000 MB. When it is finished, play the processed movie in a software player such as PowerDVD. Look at the quality and decide if you really want to do this.

Run Smart Ripper and point it to the processed movie. In the settings, set the splitting option to Max Filesize and rip just the movie. This will give you 1 VOB file approximately 2GB that contains 1 movie.

Use one of several tools such as TMPGEnc or Vobrator to demux the VOB file into separate audio and video streams.

You can use the streams as input for SpruceUp.

You can open the processed IFO file in Chapter Xtractor to get the chapter stops.

Derek69, nice one m8 will try this :bigsmile: Didnt know that I could point to a folder with smart ripper (thought it only accepted dvds :wink: ) Quality doesnt seem to bad if the movies are fairly short on the multis disks Ive seen.

bjkg cheers for the link loads of new guides on there, excellent :bow: