Multi-Core Opteron "DVD to DVD"

OK. Here’s the deal. I “upgrade to me” my home server. My old system had virtually no issues with DVDFab. I have been a happy paying member of DVDFab for ~3 yrs. So, the old system had many previous versions and upgrades of DVDFab. The new server got a fresh install of and I just recently installed the beta hoping to help correct a few issues. My old system could rip DVD to DVD in ~7-10 min depending on size. My new system takes 30-35 min on average to do the same task. The new system will show ~90% on only one of the cores. Also, I have now noticed a few movies will have garbbled playback for the first few seconds then be fine. As if the file is somewhat corrupt in the beginning? Last, I now cannot get the audio on Sin City. I had to re-archive that title. It worked before on the older system just fine but now with the newer versions of DVDFab the audio is mute/missing. Strange. Oh, and Tim Roth’s Warzone shows 0mb for the files size and will not display the files/title. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Old System:
Athlon X2 @1.8Ghz(dual core)
4gig DDR PC3200
XP Pro

New System:
Opteron Dual 940 @2.4Ghz(quad core)
4gig total system memory DDR PC3200 w/ECC
Win Server 2003 Enterprise 32b

I’ve discovered I am able to get the audio on Sin City with “Full Disc” option. I still cannot get the audio with “Main Movie” option. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I don’t get it.

Really? None of you have this problem?

[QUOTE=ripfive;2413520]Really? None of you have this problem?[/QUOTE]

No I never had this problem.

I would go to DVDfab website and contact technical support. They are very responsive and quite helpful. Be sure to save your burn logs as they will probably ask to see them.

I have sent them two emails with no response. I will try again. Thank you.

[QUOTE=ripfive;2413520]Really? None of you have this problem?[/QUOTE]

Not only do I not have your problem, I also don’t have your system, either (that’s envy speaking).

But there are a few things we can try. Do you have VLC Media player on your system? If not, please download and install it.

Try another rip with Sin City, movie only, stereo sound only, no subtitles, to your HD only. (don’t bother with Tech Support on the Fab website - basically, we’re it).

Using VLC, does it play back OK? Any video garbling? Is the audio OK?

Please let us know and we’ll go from there.



Cheers, appreciate the reply. I figured out that the HP mobo has IDE settings. I am clearly used to “auto” on consumer grade stuff. I adjusted the IDE to “max DMA” and “multisector=16” and everythig seems to be OK now. My “DVD to DVD” (saved to HDD) will now slowly creep up to 11MB/s. The Lite-On drive is a bit old. I am now wondering if a new drive would increase the rip speed much. BTW, what is multisector anyway. Thanks.

BTW, I still have the Sin City audio problem. Full Disc is the only way to get audio off Sin City. I have updated to the latest version without change. I’ve even ripped “Full Disc” then ripped “Main Movie” from that HDD rip and still have the lost audio. This really is perplexing.