Multi-Channel sound on 4350 not working 100%, (ONLY 2-channel)


I wanted 5.1 multi channel audio over HDMI out of my HD4350 card. (this is my card…=354630&size=3).

So, I downloaded the latest ATI HDMI audio driver ( and all was working fine until last night:

This was the first time I was going to watch a movie on my projector (this week I only tested it while watching on my monitor via the regular MONITOR OUT of the 4350). When watching on my projector I only get 2-channel sound now. Switching back to single display MONITOR AND turn OFF my projector AND power OFF and back ON my receiver lets the 5.1 multi channel come back and works again. Also switching to dual display OR single display with the projector does not work and only gives me 2-channel sound.
I ve checked the soundproperties in windows and it it still on ‘5.1’ and not on ‘Desktop Stereo Speakers’.

extra info: I use the HDMI output of my vard card (not the DVI) for my projector (via my receiver) and the Monitor Out for my regular 17’’ monitor.

IMPORTANT: I know some people will answer me that I will need the Realtek HDMI audio driver (…&GetDown=false) but this is NOT the driver you need if you are on XP. This driver ONLY is needed for Vista users! I have this confirmed by others too on the ReClock and AVS forum.

Equipment: XP SP3, ATI HD4350 with latest VIDEO and AUDIO driver from ATI (9.1), ALL on-board audio DISabled and no soundcards in my HTPC, as receiver I use the Marantz AV8003.

thxz for all possible help. Maybe I ll just have to wait for 9.2 but maybe I m missing something crucial what could cause this.

greetings Sander.

If I understand correctly, you have your PC HDMI output connected to your receiver. From the receiver you have your monitor and projector connected. With the projector off, and selecting the monitor on your reciever, you get 5.1 sound. If you choose the projector, sound switches to stereo. Is that correct?

Since the 5.1 works with the monitor. I’d suspect the problem is with your receiver. Likely because it detects the monitor won’t accept 5.1 sound or because the receiver is configured to output stereo sound on the projector output.

Maybe one of the components isn’t HDCP compliant…

[QUOTE=pipemanid;2223714]Maybe one of the components isn’t HDCP compliant…[/QUOTE]

That also crossed my mind, but it would also affect the video resolution.