Multi CD Player for Batch Ripping



Hello all,

I want to put my CD collection onto PC and I dont want to sit there changing CD’s every 5 mins. I have some Two hundred odd CDs and would like a multichanger CD rom where I can put say 5-10 cds in a leave them running.

I am in the UK so I preferably would like to buy one from their.

I cant be the only person out there that the thought of putting two hundred odd cds one by one into a cd player makes me ill. :sad:

I have Windows XP sp2 1g memory based system.



Hey and welcome to CDFs,

An easyer way, is to ‘Rip’ the tracks off the CDs and store them on your hard drive. Windows Media Player can rip tracks in .WMA or .MP3. Alot of people prefer MP3.




I didnt make myself clear sorry! I want to be able to RIP multiple cds without having to interact with the PC/CD rom…Thus a multi disk cd is what Im after I think. Then I can load up the cds into the multidrive and just leave them to RIP without having to sit there and put them in one by one.



Like a CD changer system for a stereo? I’ve never heard of them for computers, but wiser heads may know.


Yes same, Iv never seen one of those. The only way you are gonner do it is to change every disk i think.



Well, I’d be glad to sell you an old Sanyo 4x 3-CD Changer, but um… Nothing really exists for this purpose. 200 CDs isn’t that bad… Just might wanna look into archival quality storage (like FLAC) so you’ll never need to do it again.


Thanks all for your time, thought it may be too good to be true! Oh well i’ll just have to spend the time ripping them over. :slight_smile:

Ok I am quite computer literate but not on the music front . What is FLAC and how will it help me over MP3. Will I need special ripper software? Can i still play them on my iPOD? Im thinking of going to the sonos sytem later which I belive supports it…



FLAC is a lossless audio codec, which means that it will compress the music, but will not change a single thing about the sound. MP3 is lossy, corners are cut to reproduce the sound, but it is impossible to retain 100% quality. You can rip with any program, just rip to wav and use some FLAC frontend like Speek’s simply named “FLAC frontend”. Google it. They don’t play in an iPod, and aren’t really ideal for a portable player since they are large files. You’d probably want one FLAC copy and one mp3 copy, but you would only need to rip the CD once.


Actually, there are a handful of CD/DVD changers on the market that hold hundreds of discs and are expressly made to hook up to a PC. The one I used is called the PoweFile C200. It hold 200 CDs or DVD’s and has a robotic setup inside to mount any of the discs to one of two internal DVD drives for reading to the PC. New, these kinds of changers average about $4-6000.00 (US), but can often be had on eBay for about $600 if you don’t mind getting them used.

Alternatively, there are companies out there whose sole purpose is to rip massive amounts of CDs to MP3 for you so that you don’t have to do it. They average about $1 per CD, but it’s supposedly convenient and you get them back inside a week or so.

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Have you looked into something like the MF Digital Baxter? ( It’s priced for consumers, not like the $4-6K changers mentioned above. It uses the Riptastic! automated batch ripping software (