Not sure if I’m naming the issue correctly but the problem comes from making an archive of a bluray that has the multiple mts files. Read about ClownBD and how you can use it to make one big file out of multiple MTS’s. Seems like there should be a way to do that with DVDFab.

I get an almost indiscernible pause when the media player goes from one of the mts files to the next. Just enough that you say to yourself, “Hey, did that pause…” because the playback is back and running as it should.


What you’re describing are the re-initialisation pauses between sequential MTSs.

It’s a well known phenomenon that even affects hardware based media streamers and the fix is to join the MTSs together as you’ve suggested.

The Blu-ray Ripper component of DVDFab will do this for you and is specifically designed to convert Blu-ray content for use with portable devices, media players, or media streamers.



My media player handles bd-iso’s just fine so I haven’t tried to do anything other than make an iso. Keeps the hd audio and video intact.

How would I use the ripper piece to accomplish same goal?


Doing some testing. Had to go ahead and buy the combo pack of BD Copy and BD Ripper as my trial period for BD Ripper had expired.

Archived and ISO from the bluray with just the main move and the hd audio sound track. The source disk that has the multi-branching type structure has just a momentary not even pause when it switches from one smaller section to the next.

Took those iso’s and made 2 different files. Went to mp4 and selected aac for one, ac3 for the other. Video playback great. 1080p, etc. Audio however a different story. AC3 had serious synch issues about 30 minutes into movie. AAC perfect. It isn’t HD audio though. Multichannel but not HD.

Pauses gone during playback.


Still looking for way to make one file out of the video pieces and keep hd audio.



Audio out of sync was a picnic. Every heard picnic? Problem in chair not in computer…

I selected wrong frame rate for ntsc land. I had 23.97 selected 23.97.


Another test and mpeg4 with AAC Dolby II audio way out of synch. ISO source again only had DTS MA on it but with mpeg4 AAC 5.1 playback is perfect.