Multi Bootable Programs on 1 CD?

I (like many I am sure) have multiple bootable CDs. Partition Managers, Rescue Disks, Utility Disks, Diagnostic Disks, ETC.

I would like to have a single bootable DVD (or CD) that boots to a menu, and allows me to select the program or “disk” to run. It would look similar to:

  1. Gparted Disk
  2. Parted Magic
  3. Acronis Rescue Disk
  4. Kill Disk Utility
  5. Eraser

I would have about 5-10 ISO images per disk mostly utilities like above. I see no reason driver disks and other ISO files wont work as well. I would also very much like the program to be capable of burning to USB (I know, this is a CD site) as I have the HP program to make a USB bootable

I have seen this in a freeware ISO that has both GParted and Clonezilla on a single ISO. When you boot you can select 4-5 different options for each. It stands to reason the same can be done in the disk/stick I would like to make.

I understand this is a CD site, and that is my question although USB would be VERY handy as well. I, of course would prefer a free or open source alternative.

Am I dreaming here? Or does such a program exist. I guess it would be considered a CD/DVD/USB based boot manager

You could take a look at the Ultimate Boot CD and Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, both of which can be modified to some degree to add additional boot images.

You could also take a look at ISOLinux and SysLinux.

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