Multi-Bay Firewire Enclosure



Been looking at getting some more burners but have no room in my case for them :slight_smile: So I figured there has got to be some sort of case that would hold 8 5.25" drives and use a firewire interface.

Then I got to looking around and a firewire->ide converter that supports a single channel with master and slave is like $100. Kind of expensive. Would I be better off going with one external enclosure per burner (cost wise), or a multi-bay case with built in firewire?

I plan on adding 1-2 drives at a time, and not buying 8 at once. Also, I really don’t want to spend more than $100 on a single burner/enclosure combination, or more than $150 for a multi-bay unit and one drive (is this asking too much?)

I’ve found single drive enclosures that would work fine, but anyone seen multi-bay?


What about these?

There are alternative products in Seoul but the company I contacted wanted about US$800 last year. It could be cheaper for me to order from a US ebay seller even it weighs more than 100 pounds.

If you don’t need to have 8 bays at once right now, it may be better to have 2-bay external case that has a good power supply and fans now and then later add better bays. Some are made of aluminum.


That second one looks great and the price isn’t as bad as I thought either. But I just checked the ebay link and aution was cancelled for an error in minimum bid. I suppose building my own wouldn’t be too difficult, and more fun, if there was a good source for those firewire->ide converters.


The seller has lots of alternatives. That 1394a bay link is rather old for an auction. Newer link: for 1394a 8-bay case.

Here’s a 2-drive 52x CD duplicator.

US$105.99 + US$26 UPS Ground shipping.

4-bay case with 4 empty bays cost just as much.

I can’t find another seller and the cases all look like made by one company in China or Taiwan.