Multi AVIs on DVD

I use AVI convertor software to convert avi files to standard DVD format (audio_ts and video_ts folders) which I then burn in Nero and I’m quite happy with that but … is it possible to take more than one avi file and create a DVD disc with a menu of items ?

If so, what do I need ?

You can use a DVD authoring software to build the menus and have each movie/episode as a chapter.
Check if Nero dedicaded application for that purpose does it (if you have the full version you will have it - Nero Vision).
Otherwise, Ulead, Pinnacle and magix, among other can do it.
Also read about DVDshrink, that’s freeware.
If you’re a Linux user - look for ManDVD that does it all at zero cost, and can burn the discs either directly or using K3b (also for free).

Or try ConvertXToDVD

Thanks Mr B … sounds good !