Mulitple files in DivxtoDVD2

I have many films that have been split into two parts. I see I can add both in DivxtoDVD but I am not sure what will happen. Will they be combined during the encoding and burn? If not then how will my DVD player react?

If Dixv to DVD will not combine the files, then what is the best way to combine the two divx files before using DivxtoDVD to make a dvd for standalone dvd boxes?

Why don’t you merge avi with virtualDub before encoding with DivxtoDVD?

Select the first segment, and then from “File” menu choose “append”. Selecting direct stream copy from menu “compression” will take only a couple of minuts to merge two or more avi in one single file.


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DivxToDVD will combine all the files added to it into a single output, but make sure the files are listed in the correct order before you click “Convert”

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DivxToDVD will create 2 different TRACKS. 1 track for each file.
When it reaches track #2, your DVD player will play it, but your DVD counter will reset to 00:00:00

If you wish to have 1 .AVI and 1 track DVD, do like Geno888 said, join both .avi with VirtualDUB, and only then use DivxToDVD.

This is something I have asked to see if future versions of DivxToDVD, since I was one of the ßeta tester for DivxToDVD v2.00

Let’s hope someday, all files will endup being 1 TRACK on the DVD, all merged together !


Each time I try to add two AVI files I get an error message and the program crashes when it starts to convert the second file. I tried the suggestion of using VirtualDub but it wont let me append the second file as it says ‘the audio streams have different sampling rates 14101.0000 vs 22833.00000’.

Any Ideas

Decode both files to the same sampling rate in wav form in Virtualdub, then combine them.

Yes it (sort of) automatically joins the movies. Some DVD players skip right to the next part and some stop in the middle where the movies are split. It’s no problem though, just fast forward to the second part. Works fine for me. :wink:

depending on if you are using the shareware version or not—the last versions of divxtodvd have automatic menus now, so no need to fast forward!