Mulitcolor LED, who's using them?

Seems nearly every review notes the lack of a mulitcolor led as a negative. However, I only know of Plextor using them. Not real high on Plextor anymore since I bought a Plextor, paid the Plextor price and got a Lite On with Plextor on the front.
Are there any quality burners being made using them these days?

74 views and no replies?

Some older LiteOn burners (LTR-16101B) have them as well.
Also, the new LiteOn Blu-ray burner has a multicolor LED to some extent (blue activity LED for Blu-ray and green for DVD and CD).

I don’t know other manufacturers using those, though.

Plextor Premium line like 716A/SA, 755A/SA, 760A/SA.

Check the firmware sites to see which flashes include the multi led. Some Lite On’s do.

If there is only one company that is using the multi LED design and everyone else use’s single, then would it not just come down to the reviewer’s preference if he/she like’s multi-colours or not?

Personally, I dont see why it should be considered a negative if everyone is doing the same thing. A negative would be not having any lights on the unit at all. If you can hear it working, a light is flashing on the unit and there is progess happening on your monitor, then what else do you really need? I don’t sit and watch my lights to see what they are doing. I watch my monitor for progress OR I walk away from the computer for a stretch or food etc.

I think my old SCSI burner (2x?) had a dual light setup. One orange and one green. Man that was fast in its time :slight_smile: lol.