Mufin music finder helps find new tunes

I just posted the article Mufin music finder helps find new tunes.

Music lovers now have another online tool to help discover new music from artists you may not be familiar with.
The Mufin algorithm takes tempo, sound density, harmony, instruments played, and 36…

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I like it!

While it did spit out some crazy foreign music, I managed to even find a few German songs that I enjoyed (don’t ask me what they said, though).

I’m rather curious to hear what some of you guys think about the service. Pros? Cons? What you want in the future from Mufin?

Sounds interesting. I don’t really care if it’s in a foreign language as I never really listen to the lyrics anyways. I’m big on the “music” aspect. One problem though, so will I basically be listening to bandX in english and bandY in german, but bandX is so close to bandY that it’d be the same as listening to only one of them? I like some variety in my music, let’s just hope the matches aren’t too narrow to suggest song that sound too alike that it wouldn’t be worth listening to it.

In b4 RIAA shutdown.

If the site is serious about working with the record labels, then it should be fine as the site only provides sound clips before going on and playing the similar tracks.

gwolfman: I’ve noticed that a lot of the similar tracks I discovered were close, but they are different enough to keep a person interested.

randomus: Thanks, i’ll check it out