Much ANGRY faces lately



Hey Dudes (and dealers),

How come lately there are so many angry faces swearing the face off some dealers? Is it the upcomming spring? Or… hell I don’t know!! let it stop

The Replicator


Erhm Replicater… As you have maybe noticed, this is an dealer expierence forum.

The purposal of this forum is(i think)is that ppl can share there expierences with dealers and tell to other so we all know if they are realible.

Cya wannabe


patiences is needed in this instant world


I Know,

But how come so many dealers f*ck-up lately? That’s what I wanna know!


Maybe coz these are strange times > larek and scarface … blabla

scarface buying fake twilights… bla bla

Dealer make mistakes … bla bla everybody hates them…

And youre glad that you don’t do warez ey

I think it has somethin to do with dealers who deal warez cds


because these dealers dont get there wares from the distributors and they take pre-orders to save delivery time but cant fill the orders and people think there being riped off…of course there are dealers out there that just want to rip you off…look at the dealers that are in business for a long time there dependable…but shit still happens right…i no shut the hell up allready