MTV or SANSUI, Which is best to buy

Seeing as this forum has been so helpful in the past i thought i would seek help on another matter.
Recently my Palsonic DVD Hard Drive Recorder burnt out. The lights come on but it just keeps saying Hello. You can smell the smoke. There was lots of stuff on the Hard Drive too, so i lose it all. It was my 3rd model as i took 2 previous ones back under warranty. It is no longer under warranty and i was told it can’t be fixed.
So i find my self needing to buy another DVD Hard Drive recorder. Due to a number of reasons, one being aviable cash, i have a choice of two. A local store is having a sale. They have a MTV DVD Hard drive recorder 250 gig and a SANSUI DVD Hard Drive recorder 250 gig for sale. Both are going for $240 (Aust). Sorry i don’t know the model number.
On this forum before i was told that my Palsonic had the same programme as a MTV model. I have also been told that a lot of brands are now all made in China and it is possable that these two brands could even be made in the same factory.
So if any one could tell be of their experience, or any information on MTV or SANSUI it would help.
Thank You.