MtkWinFlash ver



Just posted a new MtkWinFlash version -
Mainly cosmetic change: IDE mode is now displaying IDE ports by description instead of numbers.


Nice, that should make it even more easy :smiley: Thanks Mango!


excellent! thanks for the update, bro :slight_smile:


No problem mates :cool:


anyone succesfully flashed a Asus writer with this or the dos based tool?

i get an unknown flash error but the program continues
but after restart it is still the old firmware


Not all Asus writers are Mediatek based. CRW4816A and CRW5224A are and I have reports of them being successfully flashed with Mtkwinflash.

Which model drive are you talking about?


that is what i call a fast reply :slight_smile:

im talking about the Asus CRW5224A Manufacture date December 2002


Here’s a slower reply then :slight_smile:

Try Mtkflash version 1.62, see if that makes a difference.
You can get it at dhc014’s site.


no difference

gives the unknown flash type error and freezes at 00%


nobody done a succesfull flash on the Asus CRW5224A with mtkflash?
wait for a new version then?