MTKWINFLASH compatible with Vista?


I’m currently running Vista on my PC. I’m tryig to flash a Samsung 616t DVD drive with a Samsung 605b firmware. My plan is to use the Samsung 616t in my Xbox (yes I know I am late). Each time I launch Mtkwinflash and select the ATAPI mode I the get the following error message, “Load Dynamic Library Failed.”

Can anyone help? Is Mtkwinflash compatible with Vista? If this is the case, is that causing the problem?

Also, the version of Mtkwinflash I’m using is

anyone know anything about mtkwinflash?

anyone know anything?

[QUOTE=cjt28;2160883]anyone know anything?[/QUOTE]

What is your problem to try it, even in compatibility mode???

BTW, spamming is not nice.