which version is best use to oc to a new firmware?
i see 1.48 is used here,
but at another site, i see version 1.62 is out too already
whats wrong with that one?

or could it be better?

ok :confused: 75 views, and no replies :frowning:

well, i just had to know, so i tried it out myself.
thanks for not telling me, because it went totally wrong.
my drive light kept burning and it wouldnt work anymore.

tried it with 1.55 to fix, didnt work either.
so tried it with 1.48 and it worked, same as it used to do :smiley:

flashing back to my old drive using 1.62 or 1.55 didnt work either.

so for anyone who wants to know, just like me, i would stick to 1.48, because later versions just plain suck :wink:

I’ve had no problems with 1.62.

1.55 works for me.

i was trying to get from my 32x to 48x
succeeded earlier, but not with 1.62
flashing after failure back to 32x or further to 48x didnt work with either 1.62 or 1.55 :confused:

im just glad everything works again now (@8x :D)

Meh, I only use the real mtkflash (1.62) for backing up. I use MTK WinFlash to flash…