Mtkflash-procedures unclear

i have already done flashing-procedures with mtkflash and bin-file stored on bootdisk on other drives.
a new procedure will only use minimal-boot(bootdisk) and both files must be searched in a folder(e.g. firm).

on my sony cd-rw crx 175a1 i have firmware 5ys2. i want updating to 5ys3. i have seen that there is a second version for 0000-zzzz firmware. that is not the case for my drive.

i have downloaded binary version.
first i will have to backup. i think the existing bin-file??

  1. i do not understand why i should backup a not yet executed(flashed) file. 5ys3
    my command-for secondary slave-drive(4) is: mtkflash 4 r /m filename.bin)attention: space between 4 and r!

when i enter actual filename nothing happens but only if i enter new one.

  1. where can i see-check the backed up file?
    i am using mtkflash 1.801 as recommened when 1.55 is not working. i made the mistake and entered 4r instead of 4 r then i changed. it seems it doesnt matter if i use never program. but i will not take more steps until everything is clear. thanks a lot!

Run the Windows Flasher to update to 5YS3. It is for your drive.

i am still confused. sorry. i have checked several sites and forum.

  1. this sony cd-rw crx 175a1 is a ltr-24102b
  2. is this windows flasher the one from herrie?
  3. if yes, i have read elsewhere that its a version 1.07 which is good. but on herries site i only see a flash-tool called flash.exe.
    his site is very bad structured. i do not trust. no information about this sony-burner.
    i have even no informations what has been improved from firmware version 5ys2 to 5ys3. so why should i risk a working system? its a pc from customer i got 2 days ago for a revision.
    i could retry older mtkflash 1.55 and switch from secondary slave to secondary master.
  4. questions is still unanswered: which filename should i enter by saving old firmware? on which location can i check saved old firmware?

If you don’t have a problem, then DON’T FLASH YOUR DRIVE.

How in the world did you end up on Herrie’s website? It has nothing to do with your drive at all.

There’s no need to back up your firmware since you can download a backup from my site anyways.

its very simple: you mentioned windows flasher and google led me to herrie!
mtkflash has a backup feature. i though in case of a flash-error. good to know it is working the way you mentioned.
YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT: never change a working system!
it was a long time ago when i studied the region-free-issue and standard flashing.

Why don’t you use Karr’s flasher, erm… I forget the name. But you can flash and read out bins of your firmware in windows.


Originally posted by MLS
[B]Why don’t you use Karr’s flasher, erm… I forget the name. But you can flash and read out bins of your firmware in windows.

/MLS [/B]
here you will find karrs website. CORRECTION: access to this server forbidden.

i didn want to go so far. i only wanted to know where will this backup be copied when i will use mtkflash and windows-directory. backup-process worked when i entered new bin-file but not with old file.

The self contained windows flasher from my website which I assumed that you found since you mentioned finding one that said it was for 0000-ZZZZ.

i have found two different firmware-versions: a) 5ys3 for 0000-ZZZZ which i do not have. i have 5ys2. b) 5ys3(binary version)
so windows flasher is only for a?
do i misunderstand much more?

Yeah, logically, 5YS2 would fall somewhere between 0000 and ZZZZ if you think about it.

ok, so why should i use the non-binary-version? on download-sites we can choose between w/b.

Because it’s easier to use.