Mtkflash/mtkwinflash and intel ICH5/ICH5R southbridge



Anyone here that have used mtkflash or mtkwinflash with intel ICH5 or ICH5R as it do not work for me. (Neither IDE or ATAPI mode works, program can’t detect/find the drives).

sfdnwin (samsung’s flash program) do not work either…

Lite-On’s official updaters seem to work ok.

Also Nero Info Tool hangs during drive detection…but I think this is due to the two CD-RW drives connected to my silicon image 649 IDE controller.


If your CDVD drives are not connected to your main onboard controllers, the ATAPI mode will and can not work.


I don’t even bother with ATAPI mode since I have an nForce2 motherboard and it never finds anything. mtkflash and MTK Winflash cannot flash drives that aren’t on the Primary or Secondary channel. The Windows Flashers can flash drives properly connected almost anywhere…


Yeah I know all that crap!

But the drives I’m trying to flash is on the main IDE controller.

I hope you did not think I was THAT stupid. :a

In this particular case it was an samsung SM-352B connected as primary master. But mtkflash do not find any of my drives( all is mediatek based, most is Lite-On’s).


mtkflash just hangs and you have to hit ctrl+break to stop it?

I don’t have such a motherboard to compare results, but it surprises me that it wouldn’t work…


In ATAPI mode it scans 4 times for drives but no drives shows up, so I can’t select any drives.

In IDE mode it gives an error mesage that the flash rom is unknown when trying to flash.


I get the same results in ATAPI mode on my nForce2 mobo. Are you able to use LtnFlash?