Mtkflash hangs

What does mtkflash (1.83) want me to say when it just stops responding (after I have selected the IDE channel)? That my drive is not based upon MTK chips? It could be a bit more verbose <g>.

Sorry if this should be a FAQ, I didn’t find it.


What drive to flash?
What is the command you use?
Is the drive detected correctly during the boot process and in windows?
Have you booted up your PC in real DOS before you have tried to flash the drive?

There are several possibilities for this effect. 1.) The drive you want to flash is not compatible to version 1.83, you can use the command mtkflash /c to find this out. If the drive is not supported then try a earlier version 1.80 or 1.80.1. 2.) The flash you have tried is gone bad and the drive is not longer detected by your pc (do you see the drive on the bootscreen?) 3.) The drive has no Mediatek chipset.

please provide us with more information.

Since 1.83 didn’t work, I followed the recommendations from rpc1 and tried 1.55, which seems not to support mtkflash /c and hangs with mtkflash x c. The drive (Creative 8435, reported to be manufactured by Samsung) works fine as such. So it appears to have a different chip set. Too bad.

Yep, your drive is based on the Samsung SW-208 CD-RW drive. Why do you want to flash the drive?

You may find some useful info over at Creative Labs

>Why do you want to flash the drive?

Has problems with XP. The same/similar drive was also sold by HP, where they offer a patch, which refuses to work with non-HP drives.

>You may find some useful info over at Creative Labs.

Didn’t find anything there.