Mtkflash 'C' command LOCKED MY DRIVE! PLS HELP



VOM-12E48XFirst of all forgive my double posting but I’m really getting depressed as I just bought a new DVDRW ARTEC VOM12E48X and found out that not onl does not write 12X at ALL!! but it also have poor media compatibility…so I did check a bit around and found out that the new firmware would fix most of these ‘Issues’ then I did proceed on downloading the new firmware load up my DOS disk ( real one ) and once in dos used the command flash 4 W /B file.bin ( as described on their website)
result…nothing it goes
upgrade 0%
'error (or unable) open image file

WTF??? what does it mean? then I used the command C to check the flash version and boommm it went blah blah blah please restart computer
result: my drive is not even recognized by the bios and the led is just ON and nothing else…what’s going on??? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!!!
I’m really upset… :a :a :a :a :a


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