Mtkflash Binary Files for Upgrading LTR-24102B CDRW firmware 5GS5

I have read through the excellent discussions on this forum on how to upgrade firmware using Mtkflash and am ready to upgrade the firmware for my Lite-On LTR-24102B CDRW FW 5GS5.

I downloaded Mtkflash 1.55, and then downloaded 5s54.ace and 5s57.ace and 5s5a.ace files from

To handle the .ace files, I downloaded PowerZip 6.01 from Trident Software.

Unfortunately, every time I try to extract the binary file from any of the .ace files, PowerZip says “The file does not appear to be a valid archive”. I’m guessing that some firewall is clipping the last byte when I download – but where?

I download .ZIP files all the time and WinZip works fine for me. PowerZip also works fine on my .ZIP files.

Is there another place I can download 5s54.bin or is there a place where I can find 5s54.bin file in .ZIP format?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


ACE files are the native format of the WinACE archiving program. Do you have the standard Lite-on LTR 24102B drive? I ask this because I don’t see the firmware 5GS5 listed anywhere.

Why do you want to use MTKFlash to flash the firmware? Is this a rebadged drive? This program is usually associated with overclocking. The Lite-on LTR 24102B is not overclockable.

Why do you want the 5s54.bin file? This is an older discontinued firmware version. The latest version is on the Lite-on site and doesn’t require MTKFlash.

If you run the gauntlet of questions and still want the 5s54.bin file, I have extracted it from the executable file and can email it to you. It’s 256 KB (262,144 bytes).:wink:


Thank you for your reply.

I have a Lite-on LTR 24102B drive sent to me by Gateway as a replacement for a dead Phillips CDRW drive. If you search this forum, you’ll see that others have this same drive from Gateway. Apparently, Lite-on LTR 24102B drives from Gateway use the 5GS5 firmware version.

I have downloaded and tried using the latest 5S5A.EXE file from the Lite-On download page but the program is not compatible with the firmware that is on my drive.

According to Lite-on, F/W 5GS5 is an OEM version and that I must get an upgrade from Gateway. Unfortunately, Gateway does not provide firmware upgrades for this drive. I have called them 2 times on this.

The problem is that when I use Roxio Easy CD Creator to create data CDs on Sony CD-R CDs, I get at least a few unreadable tracks. Easy CD Creator doesn’t notice that it sometimes fails to write the data and when I try to read the burned CD with various other CD/DVD drives, some of it is unreadable.

I was advised that upgrading the firmware might fix my compatibility problems. I can of course also buy a number of different brands of CD-Rs and keep testing until I find one that is compatible but this seems expensive and I’d rather try upgrading first.

A person on the Lite-on support discussion group suggested that 5S54 is a “good” release of the firmware. Perhaps he/she doesn’t think that is true of 5S5A, which is the latest.

I am not interested in overclocking the drive, but instead of having it work more reliably. I use the drive to burn CDs for my my software product that I sell. I also burn CDs to back up development source code. I of course have tape backup, source code control, etc. so I don’t exclusively rely on burning CDs for that.

After reading through various discussions on this forum, I have come to the conclusion that because the firmware version on my drive is 5GS5, the only way I can upgrade the firmware is to use MTKFlash with a binary file.

I have no problem creating a boot disk, opening the computer and detaching my DVD drive (just to be safe), copying files to a floppy drive and trying the MTKFlash program on the drive.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the binary file! I’ve searched the Internet and have found many download pages with 5S5A.EXE but just one location that has the 5S54.bin or 5S5A.bin. I would appreciate it if you could send me either file. I suppose I would prefer 5S54.bin because it was recommended over 5S5A.bin, but beggers can’t be choosers!

Otherwise, maybe I should uninstall PowerZip and instead download WinACE?

Thank you in advance for your help.


You can find WinACE on my server as well:

I use it because the resulting files are pretty small.


Thank you. I guess PowerZip doesn’t know how to read .ace files. WinACE successfully extracted 5S54.bin from 5S54.ace.

Later today I will use MTKFlash 1.55 and 5S54.bin and the instructions elsewhere on this forum to upgrade my drive.

Thank you again.


winace archives often arent backwards compatible. i guess they are taking notes from microsoft insofar as ensuring upgrades go.