Mta sa dm server



Hello everyone i am trying to run a multitheftauto san andreas server but the problem is that my server does not appear on the ingame browser, therfore other people can NOT get on it because they cant see it, I do have a router but i already have a static ip and have forwarded my ports but my server still does not appear on the ingame server browser, i would appreciate help with this as i have really been wanting to host a mta sa server for a long time,

ive got a linksys wrt54g v.8 router
i went throught the directions at but it still dosent appear on the browser, i really need help, thanks in advance


did u opened the udp an tcp port for ur ip that people can connect to ur server. and also check after open on its working or nt u have to open ur udp and tcp for ur router for mtaserver.exe and also register on to register ur server to get dispaly in mta serverlist :)(HOPE I HELPED U A LITTLE BIT THANX FOR READWING THIS) ravi8686