Hi all,

I just finished reading the Lite-on Blue ray burner review. The main negative point was no Mt.Rainier support.

Seems to me I’ve been reading this phrase now for many years. What’s the big deal about Mt.Rainier if none of the drive makers support it?

As far as I know it’s a mountain in Washington state. :wink: Is it really that important, and why do manufacturers seem to ignore it?

Just curious.

Me too. I hope someone answers it so we can understand it. :slight_smile:

Here’s something I found at Wikipedia:

I am not a fan of Packet Writing (InCD and DirectCD, for example). Even Multi-Session seems to be unreliable in the DVD world.

Of the two technologies, I am a bigger fan of Multi-Session, which is what Windows XP uses for its built-in CD writing. But without defacto Multi-Session support for DVD’s, I’m not sure what the future of it will be.

I’m not sure why replacing the floppy drive has become so darn difficult. But hey, I still have floppies in my 2 main PC’s, so I’m good to go.

It’s another checkbox that is nice to have marked on the spec sheet.

DVD-RAM provides similar hardware defect management functionality for people who care to have it, and its support is much more widespread, thanks to LG and Panasonic and a few recent defectors.

DVD-RAM vs. MRW wasn’t a fair fight… the Dash/Minus Forum won and the Plus Alliance lost.