Mt. Rainier support in LiteOn DVD burners


  1. Why there’s no Mt. Rainier support in LiteOn DVD burners?

  2. Will future LiteOn DVD burners support Mt. Rainier?

  3. Will there be firmwire upgrade for current drives to support Mt. Rainier?


from the mt ranier site :

Which rewritable drives are EasyWrite qualified?
To see which CD-RW and DVD+RW recorders have passed the EasyWrite validation tests, click on search below, select Mount Rainier Drive from the drop-down menu and press .


i see no currently certified dvd recording drives on their list. i would assume this is due to the standard being an evolving one. it ONLY lists dvd+rw as a supported format so it may not even support -rw

as for adding it with a firmware i would suppose it is possible. that is what they did with the cdrw drives.

as far as their intentions i have no idea but i suppose it would be a good thing if they want to be compatible with longhorn but that is a LONG way away maybe even 2006 so relax


but LiteOn did support Mt. Rainier since their 40x CD-RW to all later CD-RWs


Implementation of Mt Rainer requires more than a simple f/w upgrade sadly. It must be intrinsic within hardware and supported by the chipset.