Mt. Rainier Software

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If I buy a Mt. Rainier compliant CD-RW (LiteOn 40x), will I need to buy 3rd party software to use drag & drop?

I read the Mt. Rainier FAQ at Philips web site, and it says that Windows 98 and Windows 2000 support it.

I have Windows 98se.

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There is no operating system support for it yet!

So you may use 3rd party software. I think Ahead InCD will do the trick if I’m not wrong.

From what I’ve heard Mt. Rainier isn’t implemented in any MS OS so far… They might be ready for it but it’s not implemented…
So I guess you must find some 3rd party software in order to get it to work…

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So far, we only have one choice, WriteCDRW ! V3.0 from SAI

at hxxp://

But this sofware is kind of expensiev. 65 bucks US !!!

“What file system will be used for Mount Rainier functionality?
The Mount Rainier proposal for data on CD-RW is technically independent from file system choices. It is, however, clear that the established file system for writing data on CD-RW is UDF. This file system is widely supported for reading (Windows 98, Windows 2000, MacOS 8.1). UDF is therefore a natural choice for this purpose.”

The above is from the Philips Web Site FAQ

That means Windows98 IS supported, right?

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i dunno what this last boy said but is there no chance a new firmware version will allow suport on existing ms OS by making windows treat as a new type of drive [or a floppy drive] ??