Mt.Rainier (CD-MRW) support in DVD burners?


I have a few question about CD-MRW (not DVD-MRW !) support in actual DVD burners.

  • do they read CD-MRW media ? ( I think no HW support is needed for that, but I’ll ask anyway )
  • can they write on a CD-MRW, can they create one ?


No problem for a DVD-writer to read an MRW disc - you’re right; hardware support is not needed - just a reader (Ahead “Easywrite reader” or equivalent)

MRW write does not appear to be very common in DVD-writers (even for writing MRW CDs); on a drive which does it, whatever writing software you are using (Ahead InCD, Roxio DragToDisc, etc.) will allow you to format a disc as MRW, and to write on MRW discs created elsewhere.

My Nu DDW-082 (with B373 or later firmware) does support MRW write, I don’t know what other drives do…


My DVD burner support writing et reading of CD-MRW