Mt Rainier and INCD



Have a TDK DVD writer initially, but the unit had broken down and sent for repair. In replacement, the distributor had replaced with a NEC 3540a.

Tried to configure INCD for one nite without success, and then realised that NEC 3540a does not support Mt Rainier.

Is there any ways to get INCD to work without MT Rainier support on the burner, or get hacks to enable Mt Rainier on burner? It appears that more and more burner do not support Mt Rainier, wonder y?

Anyone had any idea. Thanks.


Be careful with INCD and DLA! Big harware/software conflicts with certain drives. My Plex 716 would do the blue screen of death. Some drive software utilities have a similar function. What is your drive?


Get the latest version of INCD. It clears up some of the issue in previous releases. NO BSOD. It does work with a 3540, but without Mt. Ranier.


That means Incd can work without Mt Rainier. :> What is your version of the firmware and the Nero Incd?