Mt. Rainer incd

I just formatted a disc with INCD in Mt. Rainer format. I’m not sure what Mt. Rainer really is other that basically enabling drag and drop file copying. Does it also make the disc readable in other cd drives or just other burners or other liteon burners or what?

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quote from inCD help file:

It is only possible to format media in the Mount Rainier format when using recorders that support the format.

In order to format media in the so-called CD-MRW (Mount Rainier) format, the corresponding check box must first be selected when formatting with InCD. This turns a CD-RW medium into a CD-MRW one. Drives without CD-MRW support can only use these media with the aid of a ‘remapper’

In order to be able to read CDs written with Mt. Rainier drives on drives that do not support this format (CD-MRW), a so-called ‘remapper’ is needed. This is installed automatically during the installation of InCD. The ‘remapper’ has to be appropriately installed later on other PCs. Depending on the operating system used, InCD has to be additionally installed.

The remapper can also be downloaded from

CD-MRWs need the ‘remapper’ in order to be rendered legible.

[ul][li]Windows 98
[/li][li]Windows Me
[/li][li]Windows 2000
[/li][li]Windows XP[/ul]
CD-MRWs cannot be read with the ‘remapper’ alone. With these versions of Windows, the InCD program has to be installed as well.

[ul][li]Windows 95
[/li][*]Windows NT[/ul]

CD Freaks Mt. Rainier Article :wink:

I can’t find anywhere to select that you want your CD-MRW to be bootable. Is this option not available in InCD or is it enabled always? I know WriteCD-RW! Pro have this option (looking at the pictures in the article).