MSPaint Voting Thread. Vote On The Mods/Admins/News Editors Pictures



While we wait for the users entires vote, here are the entries from the crew of CDFreaks.

This is not the proper MSPaint Voting thread but just one to tide you all over untill Airhead sorts out the other one.

The Entries are as follows,

Womble - England Rugby
Ssseth - Pickle Rocket
rdgrimes - Technicolour CD Monkeys
Wookie - Mainpage Logo
AirHead - A Boat In Jelly
Crabbyappleton - Addictive CDFreaks

So which one are you going to go for?


Rest Of The Entries.


DAmn it’s a toss-up (excuse the pun) between Airhead’s pink dildo boat or the patriotic truncing of the Aussies :wink: in the rugby world cup… :cool: :cool:

God Save our gracious queen all the way baby :bigsmile: :bow: :iagree:


Ssseths gravity defying giant dildo wins hands down!

Seems that paintings really are an artists expression of their dreams!


I agree i like Ssseths idea also.
As Homer Simpson would say,
“Ummm, Big Pickle!”


Airhead is a winner for sure - no wallpaper there :slight_smile:


Ssseths pic is my favourite :bigsmile:


Looks like I need to find some more English members if I am going to win this.


yeah, looking rather bleek at the mo :slight_smile:


RD and Crabby you voted for yourselves now didnt you? shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:


I voted for the pickle rocket! Like every other sane member in this forum.


The poll is now closed.

The winner is…

Ssseth and his pickle rocket.

The rest of the competitors are as follows
2nd - Crabbyapplpeton
3rd - Airhead
4th - Wookie
5th - Womble (Cheers)
6th - rdgrimes

Thanks to everyone who voted.


Thank-you so much. I didn’t think I would win so I didn’t have a speech prepared!
I would like to take the time to thank the fans for the undying devotion, pickles themselves for being so damn great, my loving wife for all her support, my mother and father for teaching me you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it and of course the God almighty… sniff I promised myself I wouldn’t cry sob :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, I figured I would lose so I prepeared this speech. Although, It was touch and go there at the end with a flurry of votes from those that were touched by my message. However, no one can deny that the best man won. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Pickle Rocket was awesome in it’s glory and gives us all hope for the future…

Congratulations Ssseth! :cool:



Hey guys im a little confuzed…is this an actual contest? if so id like to enter my pic, someone plz fill me in on the full story plz!


Two points.

One - This thread was for the Mods/Admins/News Editors Pictures and not users. That was in another thread.

Two - The contest closed with Ssseth being the winner in this thread 6 weeks ago. The other contest was cloased about 6 weeks ago as well. I think code5473639(sorry) won that one.

Sorry about that. Good picture though.


hey, will there be more contests? or is this just a fun thing that u decided to do once?


WTF you mean I didn’t win? Boooooooo


Probably. :wink: