MSN-Windows Live Messenger Sends Malicious Links To Contacts in Contacts List


I seem to have some kind of Trojan/malware which keeps sending people on my Messenger contacts list a link like below through IM:

When they click on the link they are taken to some bogus ad page and then they too become infected. This is how I became infected in the first place: i received such a link from a friend’s Messenger.

Also I notice that periodically my messenger just signs out with the message you have signed in on another computer when I have not. This never used to happen in the past so frequently even when I am in the middle of typing an IM. This does not happen on my other computer on the same network.

I have run HijackThis as well but I am not able to determine if there is a malicious entry. I am attaching the logfile to this post.



You have so much stuff running in the background, that it’s a wonder that you can do any work on your pc. I’m not familiar with 1/2 the stuff you have running… On the HiJackThis web site, it tells you, to post your log file on one of the web sites dedicated to people who trouble shoot the results for you. Have you tried that… ALso make sure you delete all of your temp files on your pc, clear history, etc…