Msn Virus Here Please Help!

i got a friend who has a virus any time i send him a meesage on my side i get pure happy face and at the bottom of msn messager it sayz georgebush typing the message any1 got tha same problem and fix it? please help thanks (im sort of drunk right now):
-> Free Removal tools…

Perhaps that helps

I had the same problem, and thanks to the friendly people here I was able to delete it. First of all don’t worry, it wont harm you, its like a program. First tell your friend to press Ctrl Alt Delete if he sees it there, take it off. What I did then is I went to the search function in Windows. If I remember correctly, the name was “choke.exe”… search for it, erase anything with that name. Just restart and your set. :wink:

i went to nortons website and found the virus my friend had thanks for the help anyway :o)