MSN users frustrated by response to glitch

I just posted the article MSN users frustrated by response to glitch.

The problems still continue.

MSN Messenger users started experiencing trouble Tuesday, with the most commonly reported glitches being connection problems and missing buddy lists of friends…

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Yep, VERY p1ssed off with it now, service was back on a 6pm U.K when i logged on the internet. ALTHOUGH service dosent always work now though !:):C

It’s saturday midday here in Spain, and still pissed off, waiting for that piece of shit to get back… What about giving it up and going to Yahoo Messenger? After all, MSN is from M$ :wink:


icq rulez indead but msn has all the chicks :4 … m$ sucks anyway


ICQ isn’t bad, but is way too large and slow. I would love to have something like ICQ lite. Best thing of ICQ is sms !

There are lite ICQ clients :wink: some of them are merely 250kb big and use less memory then MSN =) btw there are plenty of girls on icq as well :slight_smile:

What kind of clients are we talking about here? One of the major advantages of MSN is that it ain’t such a resource-hog as ICQ is at the moment…

Use ICQ99b - it’s the last “decent” version. The new ICQ2000 sucks farts. Bloated, crappy ads, etc.

Try this one It’s new from ICQ :stuck_out_tongue: This is an Alpha version :7