MSN Music was a disaster for me

Hello, i spent 1500 euro on music on MSN Music but my computer crashed twice. Notwithstanding the fact I had the music in my external hard disc as a backup I can’t listen to half of it. I am always told that I have used the maximum number of licenses. I have tried to contact the people who distribute the licenses but the site is unreachable. Maybe they have many people very angry with them so they have cut off comunications.
Computers do crash so these online music stores should give you a way of recuperating when it happens. I mean what if you couldn’t eat the food in your fridge because you had lost the receipt! I am very angry because I legally downloaded music and not many people in Italy do that but I lost half of it. Spank7171

One trick that always works for me: Contact the highest possible person(s) in the chain. Obtain the staff member list of MSN Music in your country and email the boss.