MSN Music customers to be redirected to Zune & Real

I just posted the article MSN Music customers to be redirected to Zune & Real.

While Microsoft may be preparing to launch Zune, its competitor to Apple, some may still remember that Microsoft has previously launched a music service back in 2004, called the MSN Music…

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I feel very sorry for the idiots that buy the DRM shit to begin with…Err… not really… If noone ever bought a DRM file it would cease to exist in any form. PT Barnum said it best …“Thier is a sucker born every minute” :B

You wouldn’t see Apple ******* over its users like this, to be honest DRM ain’t bad in some cases such as if they give enough rights to the consumer.

“… they have already angered some of its long-time partners…” “… will need to replace their existing “PlaysForSure” WMA compatible player…” Business as usual for M$…

Oh well, why be a sucker , that be the question? :+