MSN Messenger

I have MSN messenger and a hotmail account. As most people know if you have these things and Win XP, it will tell you on the “log in” screen how many “unread messeges” you have.

The problem is that the computer says i have “one unread messege” under my log-in name, but I have no unread messeges. I even tried deleting all my inbox, junk mail, etc (everything) but the log-in screen still says I have 1 unread messege.

As you can see this problem is not urgent, the problem is just annoying me…

Any ideas?

This happened to me once.

It turned out that I used my home computer to log in and check my mesages but didn’t read them or delete them. I then logged in on another machine (uni) and read and deleted them. The home machine still said that I had all of these unread messages. It simply hadn’t updated itself.

I simply waited for another messager to come in on the home machine and then deleted it from that computer. The problem was cured.