Msn Messenger Trojan

be one of the first to join the botnet

Oh god!

Who would of thought that there would be yet another major security problem … and that it would be propogated by M$ software products.

It’s the Microsoft Borg!

[QUOTE=debro;1937096]Oh god!

It’s the Microsoft Borg![/QUOTE]


If you open something that says pictures.exe then you deserve the trojan…

It’s a rather short sighted view.

The next generation won’t require user intervention. This is the testing round.
Needless to say, it’s been quite successful.

If it’s a virus that can send itself over the MSN network to contacts who have no indication of accepting it and then it self executes then yes, I would be being short sighted. But this is far from that reality…there’s no self executing anything there, all it’s doing is using a pre-installed interface/service to send itself across to another contact using a file transfer mechanism that is already in place…

Even once it has done that the user has to accept the file…and then execute the pictures somehow? I’m sorry but if alarm bells don’t ring at any stage there then there is nothing to be done except watch people shoot themselves in the foot.

Social engineering virii are not really clever in using exploits other than people’s own stupidity.

You will be assimilated…resistance is futile

Can’t stand them bugs on the computer these days! Had one before nearly broke my computer stompin’ on it too hard! :wink: