Msn/messenger ports?



as per title really.
What ports do the above use as I’d like to use my router to block my kids access at times.



I think you can find out by Right Clicking on your Connection. Then On one of the tabs threre is a Settings button. Inside there I believe there are some port numbers.


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run ->cmd, then type netstat -a -o (-o if you want the PID associated with the program). of course, this assumes an active messenger service connection


You know, you can google for a list though msn messenger tends to open random ports so the best solution is UPnP.


Messenger can use port 1863 or 80, depending on the circumstance to connect to the network
(port 443 is already required for authentication). File transfer in MSN Messenger 6.x to
other MSN Messenger 6.x clients does not use 6891-6900, it uses a completely random TCP port.
As well, voice functionality also uses a random port (from 5004-65535 UDP for interest).

sorry for formatting, but it looks like you may be able to block the authentication port and shut it down.


has more details on ports and how to set up in any router in a very generic approach