MSN: Malicious link - How to solve?

A friend of mine has some kind of virus/trojan on her PC. MSN randomly sends links to her contacts. The links all contain the following:

I clicked the link once, but it gave an error. But apparently, I am also infected now and people receive similar links from me (I just hope I haven’t clicked it after most recent re-install…just don’t know).

I tried Google, but I could not find a solution to this problem and antivirus software doesn’t seem to detect it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!


there is only one reliable solution:
Format your HDD and reinstall your system.


Tax and his pron :doh:

No really i had that happen to me once so it’s NOT you MAYBE. It’s been years but what my advice is is to take hers off line and then see if yours does the same thing. You can scan till your blue in the face with anti-viruses/trojon scanners but they don’t always work.

If your machine does it then yeah do what Michael says.

Did you try HiJackThis

Thanks for the input.
Have not tried HiJackThis, will suggest it to my friend (I still hope I haven’t been infected, because a reinstall is not an option for me…just did that and took me too much time…time’s too precious for me)

Contacts in email apps are not a good idea anyway. Neither is having MSN for that matter.


I am having the exact same problem for the last two months. People on my contacts list are complaining that they are receiving a link like

Also I notice that periodically my messenger just signs out with the message you have signed in on another computer when I have not. This never used to happen in the past.

I have run HijackThis as well but I am not able to determine if there is a malicious entry. Can I post the logfile to this forum?



Vinni, please open your own NEW thread, and go ahead and post your hijack this results…

Tax… Tell SS to be more careful… :slight_smile: lol