MSI X52 Combo Drive runs REALLY hot!

Hi all!

I recently installed a X52 CD-RW/DVD Combo drive in my system. I like the drive, but after an hour of watching dvd’s, I noticed that the disk was not just warm, but actually HOT. I pulled the front cover off the case and felt the bottom of the drive and it almost burned me (it was definitely more than 100 degrees).

Is it normal for these drives to run that hot? I understand them being a small form factor, but I played the same dvd in a lite-on combo drive and the disk was only warm with the bottom of the drive not being nearly as hot either. The lite-on is about the same size as the MSI. I know it sounds silly, but I don’t want my dvd drive melting (warping or distorting)my disks.

Is this normal for these drives? Will I need to just get used to it, or do I need to RMA the drive? Thanks in advance.

-HK sends


I had an LG12x a while ago, also an Aopen Combo 52X a few months ago if i burnt a few disks in a row, they began getting really hot- like unpleasant to touch. So maybe some drives just run hotter

Thanks for the response. The problem with this drive is that I wasn’t burning any disks, I was just sitting there watching dvd’s. I could understand the heat if I was doing a lot of burning (no pun intended). Then again, like you say, maybe this drive justs runs hotter than I’m used to.

I have just bought an MSI Combo drive and get hot media too. Again, I was only reading CDs and installing a game from DVD.

The retailer who sold it to me doesn’t want to know. He claims he has had no returns of MSI CD/DVD drives, ans says that he gets warm media from his DVD writer version of the drive.

But I wonder if this is indeed normal for these drives. Ans if the media is OK getting so hot.

Probably the computer is running too hot, not just the drive. The disc should not be that hot from just playing it. Look into upgrading your fan, and improving airflow around the case.