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Our friends from have posted a new review today. This time they’ve taken a look at a combo drive
(CD-RW/DVD-ROM) from MSI. The drive supports up to 48x recording and read…

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yeah yeah yeah - i have been tinkering with this msi (benq-optowrite) 8348 48x/16x/48x burner for the past 3 days. it writes an audio cd at a top speed of 20x if it is successful…it is one of the few burners (so i’ve read) that burns the lead in/out at 16x tops - my facts might be wrong, but this burner will be in my spare parts pile for a long time until i absolutely need it. sorry; as msi makes some really nice motherboards…

I’ll admit that MSI’s earlier BenQ and OptoRite drives weren’t as good. However, they’ve started designing their own drives and they are much better.