MSI RX1950PRO-VT2D512E....Sapphire x1950PRO-VT2d512E maybe?

I was wondering if anybody has an opinion of these VGAs? Is it good or bad (or better/worse than my card in my signiture /it would be replacing the Gigabyte card unfortunately/)?

Which one is better/worse/(same) the Sapphire X1950Pro 512MB GDDR3 Full or MSI RX1950PRO-VT2D512E (though I cannot find the Sapphire card on their offical site so I’m wondering how good that could be)?

I’m having problems with my current card and I’m afraid if I take it back to the shop /and I’m right that it’s bad, it won’t give any picture at all, unlike my temporal card/ they’ll tell me to pick another card for similar price since they don’t sell my card anymore /I whish I could just get the same card, only a working version). :frowning:

So I was looking through their website and I could only find this and a Sapphire (X1950Pro 512MB GDDR3 Full /?/ ) that has 512mb ram with 256bit and PCI-Ex but the Sapphire looks suspiciously cheep + I don’t know anyone who ever had a Sapphire card (also lately few shopps sell them and if so they are always cheep except for HD2900XT << cannot find any data about the Sapphire cards though)

So any opinions?