Msi +/- rw


does anyone know anything about the msi 4x +/- dvd burner at all

who makes these drives?
what are they like

if anyone has one please tell me what you think about them


I beleive that it runs a sanyo chipset, will confirm in 2 days time when my order is in.

$350 aust that is good. is that from aust or are you importing one?

I can get it for $352 inc gst here in brisbane. and my distributor confirmed it was a re badged nec, but not sure about that, as i asked him and he just hummed and then said yes.

Geting from sydney and I am confident that it is NOT an NEC

can you please tell me where in sydney you are getting it. as altech doesnt have any in stock in brisbane


The MSI drive is the same as Optorite DD0203 which is based on Sanyo DSPs (might be a complete Sanyo OEM drive).

ok so if they are a sanyo are they any good or would a sony be a better choice???

Should be in tommorow you guys want any pictures? Backplate etc?

I wonder how smartbuy has them in stock as i emailed msi and they told me on the 27 of june that the units wont be in australia for another 2 weeks and that is why there is nothing on their web site yet. they told me they would send me an email when they arrive in aust

don’t know but they are in stock now, have mine will install tomorrow!!

The drive is a MSI DR4-A, comes with 4 meg buffer and is identified as ATAPI DVD RW 4XMax in devman.

I suspect this is the Optorite DD0203, as the buffer is the same and B’s is supplied. I will confirm if it supports HD-Burn.

BTW the eject button is just fine!


Face plate


Nero Infotool

Awesome, thanks for the info. What’s with the Region Status? InfoTool says it’s RPC-1!

I’d say that it’s a Sanyo OEM like the Optorite…

Yes you are right it is indeed a Sanyo OEM / Optorite, i just flashed with the 2.09 firmware from and i have an 8 meg buffer!!.

Dunno what’s going on with the RPC info, i don’t know enough about it!

Latest Nero showing HD-Burn

Originally posted by dmozk
…Dunno what’s going on with the RPC info, i don’t know enough about it!

Every time you update to a new version of the firmware, the drive resets to allow for 4 times of DVD region changes. When you put a DVD movie disc in, you’ll realize that it default s to RPC II, Region 2 since the firmware is actually developed by Sanyo in Japan, not by either Optorite or MSI and therefore can be flashed to both brands.

If you are planning to rip more than a few DVD discs, it’s better to get a DVD-ROM since the read speed of all DVD burners is quite slow. Also there are region free firmwares available to popular brands of DVD-ROMs.

thanks for the info and the pics

how do you get nero info tool to work, everytime i click on the shortcut in the ahead nero / nero toolkit folder it doesnt work at all. i have tried versions and although i am still waiting for the msi to be instock at altech. i just have a lg cdrw and shouldnt it work with that


Did you try HD-Burn yet?

guess what, I found out that msi does not supply smartbuycomputers with msi burners. so they must be either importing them or buying from someone else that buys them. Plus msi australia will not cover the warranty on the dvd burners you buy from

that came from msi themselves today


What’s your point?, why are you so concerned about who imports what? Have you too much time on your hands?

The drive is here and now and good value! I think that’s what really matters.


my point is that whoever in australia buys these units and they go faulty will have to rely on smartbuy computers for the warranty. I have seen this happen many times where ppl buy a product and find out the company they buy it from goes bust so they have no warranty.

Yeah sorry mate my, reply may have seemed a liitle harsh.

I know the risk’s involved with so called “grey” imports and can deal with it, I don’t give a shit for warranty if it dies it will probably be cause i flashed it with dodgy hacked f/w anyhow :wink:

BTW my only association with the dealer is the purchase of a drive.