MSI or Lite-On *scratches head*

Hey there im tryin my best to decide which 8X dvd burner to get( MSI - DR8-A, Lite-On 811S). I was just wonderin what you guys thinks and why.

Ta, hopefully this can help me decide

I would also like to know the same thing. A search on the forum for MSI DR8-A found nothing helpful at all.

I believe the MSI is a Optorite DD0401. There are a few reviews on the web for the Optorite.

I have an Optorite on order which should be here tomorrow, I’ll post some info about it when I receive it.

try google or here on the cdfeaks site

Well, LiteOn drives support (up to now, just limited) booktype setting. If you want this nice feature (I do), you should go with the LiteOn drive.

Furthermore, the LiteOns seem to be very good at copying protected discs (better than the Optorite drives, from what I heard)…