MSI officially announces their first SATA combo writer XA52P

I just posted the article MSI officially announces their first SATA combo writer XA52P.

 MSI announces a new SATA  combo writer (XA52P). Due to the  fact that this is a SATA drive, a jumper setting is no longer needed;  it's easy for drive installation and configuration. The...
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It only supports Intel chipsets, and only in-chipset SATA controllers? errr… The burning question that occurs to me: why? Several of the AMD chipsets feature in-chipset SATA controllers, so what, precisely, is the problem?

From what I’ve read at several places, it’s the controllers that cause problems. I read an article where they tried to test a Serial-ATA optical drive, but they didn’t succeed until they found out that it was several Promise controllers that were unable to work with this drive. Using an Intel motherboard with onboard controller worked without any problems. So I guess it’s the controller’s manufacturers who are to blame.