Msi neo 4 sli platinum + 716sa



Well… after upgrading and spending $611 . I can confirm after 8 hrs fighting with this silly board it works! hahahha

It didn’t like the nvidia but the silicon imiga 3112 chipset.
I had to set the darn raid up in the bios. Its burried in it for the silicon image on sata 5 and 6. Nvidia has the sata 1-4 channels.

My bios is 3.0 on my board.

I bought an msi neo 4 sli and athlon 64 3200 + winchester. And it does have low power and heat. Its weird! but it works…

I don’t have any errors so far.

I’ll list my media later on. Its 7:30 am and i’m tired… lol

But now the plextor works 1.04u with msi neo4 platinum. :slight_smile: