MSI launches 15-hour Wind netbook

MSI launches 15-hour Wind netbook.

[newsimage][/newsimage]MSI has launched the Wind U160 netbook, which has a battery that is able to support 15-hours of usage on a single charge using a low-power Intel CPU platform.

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In early January I bought this Gateway (Acer) netbook from Future Shop:

Great little thing… N450 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 250GB HDD, b/g/n, 8 hour battery, and all for $350.

The MSI costs more ($430) and has less HDD space (160GB). Sure the extra battery life is nice, but I bet you don’t get anywhere near that in real life. My 8 hour battery gives me maybe 6 or 7 watching movies. I bet this gives you maybe 10 or 11 hours in real life.

With the money I saved I’ll get an extra battery and still be ahead of the game.

apart from the 15 hours instead of 11 its the same spec as the asus eee pc 1001p

which is less than $300