MSi Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

My MSi EX620 laptop LCD screen recently just cracked. Specs:

I ordered a replacement LCD screen from ScreenTek. Specs:–16-inch–1366x768-wxga_hd-laptop-lcd-screen.shtml

The specs for the replacement LCD screen say that it is for an MSi EX623; however, I have a MSi EX620. I asked the guy from screentek if it would be compatible and he said yea. When I installed it last night, the LCD screen did not even light up. Everything was connected correctly, the video cable and the inverter cable was connected correctly.The part number of the new screen even matched the one on the cracked one.

Any clue on what the problem is? Is there some kinda switch i need to flip on the new LCD to turn it on? Thanks in advance!

Could be a faulty screen. Double check all your connections.

Yea it was a faulty screen. Got a replacement and worked perfectly. Thanks.