MSI DVD writer

Greetings All !

I am a septuagenarian tasked with upgrading an aging computer of the Men’s Guild of a local church . The desktop is Dell Precision 340 and had a CD RW installed. A MSI DVD RW was purchased and when I installed same it will plays CDs but not DVDs . The DVD screen will come up but no video. Jet Audio is the media player installed and both CD RW and DVD RW are set to cable select.
The ram is 512 MB .
OS Win XP ,Sp 2 .
HD 40gig…33 free .
Antivirus AVG…2012

Could someone please indicate on what may be the problem …a lot of Googling did not help. Thanks , be Blessed.

I’m going with what I think may be the simplist solution .
Download & install VLC media player .
These are the reasons .
I think your OS probably lacks the codecs for Jet Audio media player
to play DVD video files.
VLC has it’s own codecs in its Program Files folder so doesn’t depend on Windows codecs.
If VLC does play the video then the problem is not in your MSI DVD RW drive
or how you have cable select ,master , & slave set for the drive or drives.
Link for the VLC web site:

I also suggest trying several DVDs especially commercial ones in both players .
Some burned(writeable) ones too if you have some . Since writeable DVDs can vary so much depending on many factors you always need to test with a commercial movie DVD when having problems.

BTW: I’m not as old as you especially depending on which end of septuagenarian you are on . I will soon be 60 .
If there is some kid in your church that is known to be a computer whiz use him or her. Most of them started using computers some way before that could walk .

Thanks Cholla…scrapping Jet audio and installing VLC worked . I noted your end comment …well I am 71 and a [B]Digital Immigrant[/B]. The [B]Digital Natives[/B] are good at things like Facebook and the other social networks …they have fast experimenting fingers and can raise your BP after being 5 minutes on your PC. Ever wonder what the Digital space will be like 50 years from now when we are all gone ? Give it a thought. Do enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks once again.

Glad it worked for you .
Another good freeware player is MPC-HC if you ever need another one.
I have both on my Vista OS.