Msi dvd+- burner can copy &play dvd's on pc but not on stand alone player

i installed the msi dr4-a in my system.

i had a ricoh mp5125a in my system but that only burnt in +,that why i brought the msi which is a dual burner.

it makes backup of dvd’s great but they will only play on my pc, not on a stand alone player which i know play’s back up’s.

what have i done wrong with the burning stage, i have been using dvd shrink 3 which i have never had a prob with and then using clone dvd which i have never had a prob with.

any help would be great…thank’s…rob.

Just curious when did you start having the problem ? did you have backups that worked before ? also do u have nero on your machine ?


when using the ricoh drive i never had a prob with backing up my movies, also never had a prob with playing them on stand alone dvd.

just when i installed the msi drive they back up fine to the HDD, then when i burn them they work great on the pc, but not on stand alone dvd’s.

so put the ricoh back in with no prob again.

the only thing i can think of is that is hasn’t installed properly, or that i need to uninstall ull the stuff to do with the ricoh drive.

also have nero 5 & 6 no prob with either one but just not with the msi drive.


So curious have you use nero express or nero , not version six to burn to the dvd and then it dont play ? I say not nero six cause tht has alot of problems. Also have you updated your msi firmware ?


I currently use nero cause i know it has not issues with burning at all and does a great job and i use nero express cause it is easier to burn the dvd easier just adding the files and that it is .

yeah used nero 5.5.10 not a prob with the other drive but it’s the same prob with msi drive, also updated the firmware.


2.23 is a firmware update to expand list of supported media. i’d give it a try :slight_smile:

i downloaded a firmwear update for the sanyo model (optorite 201 model).
some 1 told me they r the same model just with different name brand.

but it worked the drive is working great without a prob.

thanks to everyone for their help…rob.