MSI DRA-4/SANYO CRD-BPDV2/Optorite DD023 FW Hacking

After reading some of the stuff done to the NEC 1300 firmware at I decided to try and make my MSI DRA-4/SANYO CRD-BPDV2/Optorite DD023 burn my shitty princo 4x dvd-r discs at 4x instead of 2x.

I am a complete novice having never done this before.

Using 2.09 I changed RITEKG04 (524954454B473034) at offset 0x000D5B04 to PRINCO (5052494E434F0000) and all references of 2.09 to 2.08 for the flashers sake.

Using this i flashed and at 90% it failed with “ERROR - Reboot Now”, but the flash continued. In fact it wet though 3 times before I bit the bullet and rebooted.

To my suprise my bios picked it up as 2.08 on boot as did windows, even better Nero allowed me to burn at 4x!! I put 3.7gb of MP3’s on and started off.

The disc took 13 to complete but the burn failed when tryin to close DAO.

I am not suprised by this but I am by the fact that it still worked after reboot and tha Nero allowed 4x.

My point is that If anyone out there with the right skills and/or access to the drive wants to give a hand to this maybe we can fix the burn stratergy to make it work!

Princo Media Code hex: 006A000140C1FD9ED8520002F70E0B77887000035052494E434F00040000000000000005AAA22222200100060B0F126666800007888000000000000008011B0B0F080800095509100B9088000A808880

P.S. I know I got lucky :wink: